The Global Centre of Indigenomics is

  • A virtual Indigenous economic collective facilitating Indigenous economic leadership, knowledge development and creating generational value shaped by an Indigenous worldview
  • A platform for the re-valuing of Indigenous economic knowledge
  • Establish a virtual global Indigenous economic market with a focus on the Indigenomic Economic Mix 12 levers of design- (Example equity, capital, trade, procurement, clean energy, technology, philanthropy, investment, commerce, entrepreneurship, procurement, social finance)
  • Facilitate the development of the inaugural I70- an international collective of Indigenous economic leadership, driving sustainable Indigenous economies.

Annual Global Indigenomics Conference

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Generational Indigenous economic design


To facilitate positive collaborative space that increases visibility and growth of Indigenous economies worldwide

Powerful Why

Indigenomics is the collective modern response to the historical and current de-valuing of Indigenous economies and knowledge systems

Indigenomics: Taking a Seat at the Economic Table book now available

It is time. It is time to increase the visibility, role, and responsibility of the emerging modern Indigenous economy and the people involved. This is the foundation for economic reconciliation. This is Indigenomics.

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The Rise of Indigenous Economics with the Economic Club of Canada
Carol Anne Hilton sits down with the Economic Club of Canada to discuss her new book and the emerging 100 billion dollar Indigenous economy.
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Reimagining Capitalism for Our Future | Next Normal Podcast
Carol Anne Hilton joins Amit from the podcast Next Normal to discuss  the ways that an Indigneous worldview can inform a reimagined and redesigned economic system. Listen below!
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Essential core material for the next class of economists.

- Winona LaDuke, Executive Director, Honor the Earth

Indigenomics is the anti-thesis of Adam Smith's 1776 The Wealth of Nations, which has been the dominant economic theology of free-market capitalism and the codex of colonization.

- Mark Anielski

How and why Indigenous worldviews are important to enhancing the modern economy.

- Dr. Jacqueline Quinless, Adjunct Professor of Sociology, University of Victoria

Indigenomics is the concept the world has been waiting for.

- Amanda Ellis, Director, Global Partnership